I heard canned tomato sauce is healthier than fresh. Why is that?

Lycopene. Tomatoes and processed tomato products such as juice, ketchup, paste, sauce and soup all are good sources of lycopene and may account for over 85% of dietary lycopene in the north american diet. Lycopene from processed tomato products appears to be more bioavailable than from raw tomatoes. The lycopene content of tomatoes varies with the variety and increases with fruit ripening.
Really? Not sure that's true. It should be just as good if you wash the fresh tomatoes thoroughly. The plus on the fresh type is that you know exactly what ingredients go into the sauce and how much. Also, the problem with canned items in the U.S. Is that many cans are lined with bpa which may or may not disrupt endocrine function (it's banned in most of the rest of the industrialized world).