Is yeast arrest safe for rectal yeast infections?

Yeast infection. These can occur in different sites for different reasons. Rectally in a man would raise my level of concern for immune suppression. To know whether any remedy would be effective it would be important to know the extent of involvement. You could try this, but if it does not work would see a doctor and also consider HIV testing.

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Would it be safe for me to take care of for a former yeast infection to make sure I cured it?

Not safer. Once you treat an infection you should be cured. No need to overtrat. I would concentrate in avoiding recurrence by taking probiotics and avoinding extreme heat and antibiotics. Read more...

Is it safe to put on a tampon with yeast infection?

Yeast infection. You can wear a tampon, but probably better not to since it may further irritate already irritated tissue. Read more...