Is triamcinolone cream non prescrption?

Not yet. This is a strong topical steroid cream which is currently only available by prescription (except in other countries). If you need a steroid cream, start with over the counter cortizone (hydrocortisone) cream and hopefully that will do the job (and is much cheaper). Otherwise you will need to get an rx from your medical doctor.

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I shave before lazor hair removal/get pimples on butt, shoulders, stomach. Which prescription creams? Salictylic acid ok, kenalog (triamcinolone) shots? Baby powder?

Folliculitis tx. It's helpful if shaving is done 3-4 days before laser hair removal. If pustules appear, acne medications may be helpful, such as a benzoyl peroxide wash. There should not be a lot of scrubbing as it may irritate hair follicles further. All benzoyl peroxide must be washed off the skin completely. There are also acne lotions that your doctor can prescribe to help. Read more...