Is prolonged nasogastric tube feeding ok?

No. long term use of nasogastric tube can cause erosion to the nose and nostrils and can cause all kind of sinus problems if tube feeding warranted the use PEG tube which a tube that could go directly to the stomach via the abdomen bypassing the upper part and could be inserted by a scope no need for surgery or anesthesia and tolerated by any body regardless how sick they are it could be done bed side.

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What is nasogastric tube feeding used for?

Simple bypass. Ng feeding is a simple and short term way to maintain enteral ( using the digestive tract) feedings to maintain adequate nutrition while a patient is not aleart enough to feed or has problems with the swallowing process. If the patient has long term needs, a tube thru the abdominal wall to the stomach can do the same thing.Good nutrition is important to healing. Read more...

What plan of action can be given to a patient who survived sudden cardiac death and is now undergoing nasogastric tube feeding?

Cardiac arrest. The answer depends on the extent of arrest such as how long the patient was not perfusing his or her vital organs. Severe brain damage can occur when the heart stops pumping blood, some patients never regain function. Best of luck to you. Read more...