How can I straight a curved penis?

See a urologist. Either penis curved downwards (cordee), or deviated can easily be corrected by an experienced recontructive urologist. An upward curve with a hard thickened area under the skin is probably due to peyronie's disease and likely caused by penile trauma. This is more complicated to treat and warrants a urologic consultation. Any combination of meds., injections, surgery or implant may be offerred.
See doc. See urologist for management of peyronie's disease.

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Is exercise in gym affects the production of sperm or affects the sperm count? How to make curved penis straight?

Maybe... It sounds as if you may have " peyronies" disease. See a urologist but there may not be much you can do. Surgery may be an option. As far as sperm count, if your concerned it is low, also see a urologist and get that checked. Exercise does great things for us and there are strategies to increase sperm count. Good luck. Read more...