I have a swollen throat, major congestion and a stuffy nose, what do I do?

Cold. Hello, it sounds like you have the common cold. It may be helpful to take otc meds for your symptoms. Review your symptoms with your pharmacist. He/she can make suggestions to help. If your symptoms persist beyond 5-7 days, see your family doctor.

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Sudden sore/swollen throat for 1 day. Have excess saliva. Slight runny nose and chest congestion. Any ideas as what it may be?

Viral infection. Swollen throat, runny nose, and respiratory congestion are signs of respiratory viral infection, usually caused by adenovirus and rhino virus. Strep throat is less likely with the combination of these symptoms. See your doctor if symptoms continue. Read more...

I am on an antibiotic and have been since last friday so why I be getting a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, start of a cough, congestion?

Viral infection. Either the antibiotic is not the correct antibiotic for the bacterial infection you have or you have a viral infection that will not respond to an antibiotic. My guess is that you have a viral infection and the antibiotic will not help. Time will help if it is a viral head cold. Fluids, tylenol, (acetaminophen) saline nasal sprays, gargling with salt water, etc will help. Read more...