Hep c ab positive. Pcr non reactive. Am I contagious?

No. If you have a positive hcv antibody but a negative pcr, you most likely had hepatitis c at one time but cleared the infection, in which case you no longer have hepatitis and are not contagious. Talk to your doctor.

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I Had a blood test & everything negative except the hep c ab w/refl to hcv rna, qn, pcr signal to cutoff the result is <1.00 what does that mean?

This is a very. convoluted way of saying "this is a negative test." First the antibody that fights off hep C was checked. Because it may take up to 3 months for the antibody to show up, a second test, the HCV RNA, was checked automatically (i.e., reflexively or w/refl). The cut off value of <1.00 means that the virus itself could be NOT be detected either. Hope this helps! Dr. Anne. Read more...