Could you help me with questions about triglyceride vs cholesterol level?

Two fats with risks. Deviations from the mean of both cholesterol and triglyceride can be an indicator of a metabolic imbalance. Both high and low cholesterol can be detrimental. The particle number and size of the cholesterol particles influence the risk of atherosclerosis. When the HDL is low , under 40 and the triglycerides are more than twice as high this is also a risk factor associated with cadmium toxicity.
Chol vs TG. Cholesterol & triglycerides are two different types of lipid molecules. Cholesterol is the precursor to building hormones and cells, triglycerides store extra fat that the body can use later. To lower tg, eat less sugar, less carbohydrates, add fish oil and use niacin/niaspan. To help decrease cholesterol, eat lean protein and less sugar. Red yeast rice, plant sterols & statins help.
I'll try. Cholesterol has several components including LDL and hdl. High LDL (especially when the particles are small and dense) is felt to be an important risk factor for atherosclerosis which causes most heart attacks. Hdl is protective: the higher the better. Triglycerides are a different fatty component in serum and correlate better in women than men. Very high levels (>500) can cause pancreatitis.