Could REM sleep patterns cause muscle twitching?

By definitiion. By definition rem's are rapid eye movements that cause muscle twitching of the eye muscles. Our brain is a wonderful and largely misuderstood organ. It is capable of deactivating our body during dreams such that although we are imaging running in our sleep, our legs don not actually move but may twitch. If you have a pet, this is easily visible while they sleep.

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My 8 week old baby laughs sort of and sometimes twitches in REM sleep, is this normal?

Yes. Babies and adults often move and make noises during rem sleep. These movements and noises may be related to what we are dreaming.

What happens to your muscles during REM sleep?

They are paralyzed. During rem sleep, all the voluntary muscles, with the exception of the diagphragm, eye muscles and middle ear muscles, are inhibited to the point of paralysis. A teleological explanation could be that this happens so that we will not act out our dreams. Rem behavior disorder occurs when this inhibition fails and dreams then are acted out, often causing injury to the dreamer or bedmate.

Sleep study done and I had muscle activity recorded during REM sleep. Something serious? Will I have parkinson? Have a lot of activity during sleep

SLEEP DISORDER. During rem sleep, your study should demonstrate no extraneous muscle motion, and if activity was present in other muscles, you could possess narcolepsy. However, active movements during sleep could be consistent with plms, a form of nocturnal myoclonus, or possibly, a full blown rem sleep disorder, which may or may not precede parkinson's. Spend some time with a neurologist and discuss.
Depends. You can have some muscle activity during rem sleep. This is something you'll want to discuss with a sleep specialist. It sounds like you already read about rem sleep behavior disorder and the neurodegenerative conditions associated with it. It's worth seeing a sleep doc.
Contributing factors. Rem atonia should occur but phasic twitches noted on sleep study should not give you a presumptive diagnosis of rbd. There are a number of other factors. Rbd is also exceedingly rare in young women. Many factors need to be reviewed by your history and sleep study. See a sleep specialist if you have not done so already that is familiar with parasomnia.

Muscle twitching at rest all over my body except face. Partner says it's getting worse at night when sleeping & happens all night. What is the cause?

Could be many things. This will require a thorough evaluation and diagnostic work up, esp. Paying attention to serum electrolytes such as Calcium, potassium and maybe magnesium - deficiencies and/or excess of these can cause muscle twitching. Based on history and trend of your symptoms, you may need a neurology consult and also a review of your medications to make sure this isn't a side effect of something you are on.