Chest pain relieved on rest. Do I need to see doctor in am?

No-Now. Although chest pain may not be an emergency, there is no simple way an untrained person may be able to distinguish true cardiac originating chest pains which is a true medical emergency requiring going immediately to an emergency department from noncardiac origin chest pains which usually are not as urgent. Even trained professionals may have difficulty distinguishing the cause and will need tests.
Yes. It could be serious coronary artery disease or other heart/lung disease.

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My doctor said everything is ok with my heart? No coronary tests were made and I have chest pain at rest? How can he know for sure?

History and physical. Much can be determined based on the pattern of pain and your clinical presentation. The current "gold " standard for coronary disease is an angiogram.
Bluntly. He can't know without invasive or noninvasive study of coronarirs but it is likely your history & physical that convinced him.

My resting pulse has been 150 for 2 days, should I call my doctor? I have chest pain and trouble breathing when I notice it (placebo?)

Yes, call doctor! A resting heart rate of 150 -- meaning you are not doing exercise or other activity at the time -- is too high. Please see your doctor asap! Many possibilities could be causing this, and it needs to be investigated.