Can pregnant women undergo a facelift?

No. Non-essential procedures should be avoided, as the developing child is susceptible to physiologic stresses. Additionally, it is very unlikely a 30 year old would be an appropriate candidate for a facelift.
Pregnant facelift? Most people would not even think of having this done at the same time so most would question your motivations. That being said, most doctors would not do one either as you cannot have any general anesthesia. Some variations of a facelift (mini) could be done under local in the office but then again, what is your motivation? Best to wait until you are finished with breast feeding.
Facelift pregnancy. Skin undergoes many changes during pregnancy. I would postpone any unnecessary surgery that involves scarring your skin while you are pregnant as your results may be unpredictable. Also, no point in putting the fetus at risk during anesthesia.
Facelift- pregnant? There is no reason not to wait until after delivery to have a facelift. During pregnancy there are issues like weight gain and fluid retention which may impact the facial appearance. Additionally, medications used during and after the procedure may not be compatible with pregnancy. Please wait and you can enjoy this special time in your life.
No. Definitely not. There are risks. Plus, very few 31 year olds need a facelift. After the baby see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for advice.
Not advised.30YO? While facial procedures such as a skin cancer may be removed under local anesthesia while pregnant, extensive elective procedures are not advised. I am truly surprised and wonder why a 30 year old would even consider a facelift. If due to massive weight loss, it would be best to wait to completion of childbirth and lactation and return to your baseline weight and metabolism.