Belly button smell and discharge, no piercing due to ovarian cyst?

Sound infected. Causes of navel discharge include abnormalities of the uracha (cyst, sinus or patent uracha), complications from past laparoscopic surgery, umbilical abscess ; recurrent folliculitis. More superficial fungal (such as yeast) and bacterial infections can occur.

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If I have a ovarian cyst surgery will I have to remove my belly button ring?

Ovarian cystectomy. You would need to remove and type of body jewelry. Electrocautery devices are used and could cause a burn to the skin. Read more...

Can ovarian cyst cause painful urination? Pain below belly button to the right if not what can these 2 symptoms mean

Need more info... The limited information in your scenario leads a professional mind to think about: UTI and pid/ovarian cyst with bleeding. To prove uti, urinalysis is needed; to confirm possible ovarian cyst/pid, more history and pelvic us are required. So, collect the feature, degree, and progress of the symptoms over time with their detailed sequence of event, and bring them to doctor for review, analysis, ... Read more...