Arterial venous malformation can it cause psychosis?

One report. I did find one report of an avm (arteriovenous malformation) involving the vein of galen associated with psychotic symptoms: http://tinyurl.Com/mqzwd2j this is not a usual presentation, though -- just to say it can happen. Please do not assume that having psychotic symptoms means you have an avm. It doesn't! having these symptoms does mean you need evaluation and treatment, though.

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What is arterial venous malformation if so what symptoms are there?

Ateriovenous Malform. Avm for short, a blood vessel abnormality in the brain:small capillaries fail to form in an are of the brain resulting in an abnormal tangle of vessels like a "can of worms" about half of these go on to burst causing a stroke. Unfortunately that is the most common symptom. They may cause seizures, or headaches or changes in speech, vision or movement. My avm was of the acute bleed type. Read more...