My thoughts seem out of wack and I'm afraid to see a doctor. Life seems meaningless and hopeless. What should I do? I don't want to see a doctor or a therapist.

Nurse? 911? At least try and see the nurse in an er, if you are feeling severely depressed and hopeless, and/or suicidal. Or call 911. If this is not the case, please make an appointment and see a psychiatrist. Most of us are very nice and friendly people! nothing to be afraid of. Please ?
Tough situation. If you are able to work on your struggles on your own or with the help of someone you trust that's great. If not then you might be getting in your own way if you choose to not see a doctor or therapist. Many people are fearful of going to see a psychologist or doctor for emotional health concerns because of the stigma attached to it. But prioritizing your mental health is worth it in the long run.
Been there... I have been in your shoes in my life - feel like nothing is going for me anymore and it all seemed pointless and hopeless. It was extremely hard for me as a physician to reach out for help - but i finally did, and i'm glad. There's help, there is peace again, but it also takes trust and work with the people who can help you feel better. Please believe me when i say you can feel better - see psych!
You are really. Sabotaging yourself - if you aren't willing to consider such powerful resources. I encourage you to be open about accepting help if you want to feel better. Encourage you to start by seeing your physician. Your doctor can not only assess for a mood disorder but can also check for underlying medical conditions that may be the cause of your depressive symptoms. Talking therapy (such as cognitive >.