Can iron in women cause black stools?

Melena? Dark-colored stools may result from iron supplements, foods you eat (like a lot of spinach), substances (like peptobismol), but most significantly suggests bleeding. When blood is denatured by acid in your stomach, as from ulcers, stools will turn tarry ("melena"). Blood may also be ingested from nose bleeds, bleeding gums... Persistent melena (without obvious cause) & symptoms warrants md visit.

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I get black stool once every 20days or a month. It doesn't smell v foul. It happens for one day n color is normal other days. Dont take iron med etc?

Possible bleeding. Black stools always rises the concerns about bleeding from the intestines, most commonly from the upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach or duodenum), but it could also come from the rest of small bowel and colon. You should seek medical attention and make sure it is not the case. Iron and peptobismol commonly cause black stools as well.

Taking Ferrex 150 BID- have dark greenish black stool and black specs when wiping. Is this from the iron pills?

Ferrex. Http://www. Webmd. Com/drugs/2/drug-17009/ferrex-150-oral/details#side-effects Iron pills do cause stool to turn black and may have black flecks. F/u/ w/ doc.

I took 40mg Iron yesterday, and ate blueberries. My stool is black, but no bad odor at all. Melena or non-melena? Thank u

Not bleeding. Not bleeding. Iron is likely cause of black stool.
Black stool. Since only a small percentage of oral iron is absorbed, black stool is commonly seen in people taking iron. A simple test is to smudge a specimen of stool on a hemoccult card and drop a few drops of testing solution on it. This can be at a lab or physicians office.

Could the loose, black stool with ulcerative colitis be from the iron pills?

Yes, or blood. Iron can turn the stools dark- but so can blood. You can pick up a test from your doctor to see if there is blood in them - please do that.
Yes. Oftentimes patients with Crohn's or ulcerative colitis can't tolerate oral iron well, and in that case it's much more efficient to give iron IV.