Can I have stress test at rest or during exercise?

Both. Your cardiologist will determine whether you need either. And whether you can successfully perform exercise stress test. If not then 'chemical stress test'

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I'm 29. BP spikes, esp. During exercise. Begin at 128/83 and only running 2 min, 157/94, pulse 153. Had stress test 2 yrs ago & Holtor. Need 2nd opin?

Exercise raises BP. That is a great question. During exercise, your heart increases its activity to deliver more oxygen to your hard working muscles. It is normal to have an increase in blood pressure during exercise. It is best to gradually increase your level of exercise to improve your tolerance. Cardiovascular endurance comes with time and your heart rate may not raise as much for your heart to do the same work.

55 year old white male, recent chest pain in sleep, and at work as an rn. Stress test done and P wave flattend out during exercise?

CP. P wave flattening out during exercise, does not indicate ischemia. You may want to do a nuclear stress test or a cardiac cath after discussing with your cardiologist for a definitive answer. It especially indicated if you are a smoker have other risk factors.
Prinzmetals Angina. Sometimes the arteries to the heart can be susceptible to vasospasm. This typically causes resting chest pain, often at night. A stress test will probably be negative and even a routine catheterization will likely reveal no major blockages. The diagnosis can be confirmed by several means such as administration of medications to provoke spasm. Treatment is medical and different from typical angina.
Cardiac cath. Stress tests have about 20% false negative. Passing stress test does not mean that you do not have coronary artery disease. Should have coronary angiogram best, or coronary cta and then angiogram depending of findings. Do not sleep on this.

What exactly does it mean if someone fails a treadmill stress test during a resting period?

Stress test. We monitor the ECG during exercise and during recovery, a 'positive' test can appear in either phase. The implication is there is an abnormality in heart blood flow present.

Help me understand this. Stress test says t wave liability at rest t wave inversion during recovery non diagnostic for ischemia. St depression <1mm??

EKG essentially ok. Sounds like they were determining if you had narrowing of your heart arteries and if that was causing a low blood supply to your heart. Ischemia means low blood/oxygen supply to tissue (in this case the heart). When there is a low blood/oxygen supply to heart tissue ischemia can happen and a t-wave inversion can show this on EKG. ST depres can tell if you have had a heart attack, not in your case.

Sensation in left side of chest. Happens during both activity and rest. Not constant. EKG, stress test, enzymes, and xray all good. Heart issue?

Not likely. Since the cardiac tests are negative it is unlikely to be cardiac probably musculo skeletal or fibromyalgia.
Depends. Does "sensation" mean discomfort or does it mean palpitations? If the latter, then asthma meds can trigger premature heartbeats which can be felt. Normal EKG and stress test should be reassuring, however. Getting more specific about your symptoms and then discussing with your doctor would be a good idea.
What type of. Sensation? Unlikely to be related to your heart with normal stress test and EKG. Furthermore CAD is uncommon in the age group.