Hemoglogin:12.5 low, hematocrit:38 low. Iron, folic acid, b12, vitamin d ok. What's causing anemia & what do I do? Have graves disease&psoriasis/arthr

A 38 hct. Is not considered low at most labs. It doesnt sound like that is really your issue but go over this with the ordering physician, good luck.
Autoimmune . Your reason for anemia is likely due to your autoimmune diseases (psoriasis and graves). People with this type of anemia also get iron deficiency anemia so your doctor should continue to monitor your iron profile and ferritin levels.

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Graves disease, psoriasis, arthritis. Certain have anemia of chronic disease. Vitamin/mineral levels including iron are ok. What can I do about it?

Association. Autoimmune diseases can affect almost any part of the body, including the heart, brain, nerves, muscles, skin, eyes, joints, lungs, kidneys, glands, the digestive tract, and blood vessels.Hyperthyroidism and psoriatic arthritis can occur together. Have your physician try to get these autoimmune diseases under control. Subclinical hypothroidism associated with 25% of patients with psoriasis. Read more...

What might cause high B12 levels? I also had low iron (long-standing anemia) and low vitamin D. CBC was normal except mildly low hemoglobin.

B12 normal range. There is no harm in an elevated B12 level. The normal range is established based on a population study, but the physiology and diet factors that might lead to higher levels than those in the population study are not significant. Don't worry about it in the least. Get follow-up to see that the hemoglobin comes back to normal though. Read more...