What are the benefits (what is it used for?) of deplin? Doc put me on it. Low folate (folic acid) I am assuming?

L-methylfolate. Deplin is l-methylfolate (folic acid). Many chronically depressed people have small genetic mutations leading to inability to convert Folic Acid and folate (folic acid) to l-methylfolate (folic acid) -- the "active" form that crosses the blood-brain barrier to be used in making neurotransmitters. Deplin bypasses this problem, and can augment antidepressant response. http://tinyurl.com/lk938o3.
If you have an. Issue with the metabolism of folate (folic acid) into l-methylfolate (folic acid), it may come out as an issue with mood problems. Some people lack adequate amounts of the enzyme and thus deplin can be a good augmentation for mood issues in some people. Otherwise you may need to straighten that out with your doc, especially if you have to pay cash as it is considered a 'medical food' and often not covered. Good luck.