Can I have a period during pregnancy?

No. There are many different causes of bleeding during pregnancy such as threatened miscarriage, partial separation of the placenta and even infection or inflammation of the cervix. This may mimic a menses but is not considered a period. If you have bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your md.

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Is it typical for a woman to have a period during the first trimester of pregnancy?

No. If u are preg it is not a period, but u can have bleeding which may or may not be ok so call your OB so tyyour OB can check u and do an ultrasound. Read more...

I'm on the 1st pill of my 6th bc pill pack. Didn't have a period on my previous pack during any of the placebos. I take my pills regularly. Pregnancy?

Possible. Although unlikely, you can still get pregnant on the pill Did you take any new medication last month, like an antibiotic? Check a pregnancy test. If negative, repeat in a week. If negative, see your doctor if it happens again, or if you have other symptoms, or pain, fever, discharge, etc. Read more...