Can I go to school with an ovarian cyst if pain?

Depends. The size of the cyst may require decreased activity to prevent ovarian torsion which may require emergency surgery. Concentrating at school while taking narcotic pain killers may be difficult. Consult whit your physician and follow his advice.

Related Questions

Can I go to school with an ovarian cysts pains?

Yes. With pain medication (preferrably non-prescription) & the assurance of a non-pregnant state, you should be fine.
Yes. It is normal for a small cyst to develop on the ovaries from time to time. Most cysts are benign and a few may be malignant an require monitoring. Most resolve in 6-8 weeks on their own and the discomfort can be controlled with ibuprofen.

Is it ok to play high school basketball with an ovarian cyst?

Yes. An ovarian cyst is not a contraindication to regular physical activity. Basketball is an excellent sport for exercise, enjoy your season.

I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Could this be ovarian cysts?

Unlikely /possible. While large ovarian cysts may put pressure on the bladder and make you go to the bathroom often this is less likely than a bladder infection. First thing is to have a urinalysis. A pelvic exam should show if a large cyst or mass is there, and an ultrasound may also help. There are also other reasons a bladder may spasm and cause frequent urination. Get urinalysis; if negative see urogynecologist.

How do ovarian cysts form? Andhow can I prevent them? How do they go away? How often do they occur?

Ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are extremely common and can be due to many different issues. Most are benign. A large cyst can increase the incidence of ovarian torsion. Common cysts arise from endometriosis, dermoids and hemorrhagic copora luteals cysts. There is no sure fire way to prevent these. See your doctor for more info.

How can ovarian cysts go away?

Yes. Many ovarian cysys resolve on their own with no treatment.
See below. Many ovarian cysts resolve on their own. Your doctor may consider watchful waiting to see if this would happen. Some cyst such as dermoid cyst, cystadenoma or endometriom don't go away on their own but these are rare compared to the typically follicular cysts.