Wakeup with frequent nasuea an mild kidney pain was told catscan was clear ahowed kidney stones in kidneys can they be causing my problem also bloatin?

Probably. If your ct scan shows kidney stones, yes, they are most likely causing kidney or flank pain, nausea. If they don't pass on their own, you might see about getting a urology referral.
Yes. Kidney stones can certainly cause nausea and bloating. They will also cause kidney pain. But one thing in your question is not clear .... Was cat scan normal? If it was normal, you do not have kidney stones. Cat scans are very good for picking those up.

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Keep haveing mild kidney pain like a dull ache had catscan doc said have kidney stones in kidneys bloodwork can't fig out why alway aching doc stumped?

likely not kidney. In general, a stone in the kidney will not cause pain. Only if the stone leaves the kidney and either travels down to the bladder or worse, if it gets stuck in front of the kidney and obstructs the kidney, would a stone be a cause of pain. A dull ache in the back, especially if related to certain positions, is likely musculoskeletal and you should try motrin/advil, heating pads and rest. Read more...
kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause pain related to movement of stones in an out of the kidney. A mild 'kidney' pain may be totally unrelated to the kidney stones. Could be related to muculoskeletal injury, carrying a back pack, etc. Read more...