Can anyone tell me anything about graves disease in pregnancy?

Yes. You need to see a thyroidologist. Look for one through the doctor find of the american thyroid association.
It is serious. Graves disease is an elevation of the thyroid hormone that causes wieght and hair loss, elevated blood pressure and an increase in metabolism when untreated. In pregnancy untreated graves can affect the pregnancy or go on to what is called "thyroid storm" which can lead to cardiac arrest. This pregnancy is best managed with a maternal fetal medicine and ob-gyn.

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What are the effects of graves disease on pregnancy?

Several. The antibodies can cross the placenta and cause thyroid problems in the baby. Also if you are not well controlled your pulse can be elevated, you nausea can be worse.
Pregnancy/graves. It can range from nothing to spontaneous abortion. This not a simple question because there are many variables including whether it will need treatment due to affects of the pregnancy.

How is graves' disease typically managed during pregnancy?

Medications. During pregnancy, radioactive iodine is not an option, and medications such as ptu (propylthiouracil) and Methimazole can be used. Ptu (propylthiouracil) is preferred, especially during the first trimester as there is lesser risk of causing harm to the baby's development. Very mild hyperthyroidism during pregnancy can be followed without any treatment.
Meds or surgery. Of the 3 available treatments for graves' disease, surgery, thyroid-blocking meds, and radioactive iodine, radioactive iodine cannot be used during pregnancy or with breastfeeding. Mild cases may not need any treatment. More severe cases might do best with surgery to remove the thyroid, usually done during the 2nd trimester. Alert your pediatrician to your graves', as it can affect your baby.