Can a tech get cancer from doing full body CT scans?

No. During ct scans radiology technician stays out side the scanner room, protected by lead lined shields.So many protective measures are in place, no one will be exposed to radiation, (except patient who will get the predicted amount of radiation ). All the persons involved will wear special radiation exposure badges to be measured annually the total amount radiation .Exposure to that person.
Depends on dose. Radiology techs are required to wear radiation monitors to keep track of their exposure to x-rays. There are strict guidelines on maximum allowable exposure. If you take the required precautions to limit your exposure, you are not at an appreciably higher risk.
The exposure of. Radiation workers is closely monitored, and the frequency of cancers in radiation workers is not different than the general population. A ct scan tech can get cancer, but it is a long shot that there is a link to their work exposure. Radiation safety has been part of radiology and oncology from the beginning.