I'm already a dd but I want a breast lift with silicone implants can I do it and still be a full dd?

You only need a lift. A breast implant adds volume to your breasts. If you are already a dd cup, and you want to remain a dd, you don't need an implant. A mastopexy lifts the breast tissue and repositions the nipple on the breast, making it look more youthful and 'perkier'. Neither operation inhibits breast feeding.
Breast lift only. If already a double d cup size then you don't need further augmentation with saline or silicone gel implants. You will just need a mastopexy or breast lift. See a plastic surgeon in your area. You may want to wait on surgery if you are planning on having children as breast surgery may limit your chances of breast feeding.
Breast Lift Surgery. There is a general misconception that breast implants correct breast droop. This is not true. The only thing that does so is a mastopexy or lift. There is also a misconception that a lift reduces the size of the breasts. It is a breast reduction, that also incorporates a lift, that does this. A lift will leave you at uour present size, only perky. What you need, therefore, is a mastopexy.
Adding implants, Even small ones, would probably take you well past your original dd size. A lift by itself is probably all you need. Additionally, the extra weight of the implants could cause a quicker return of your droop!
Consult a. Plastic surgeon , take opinion , will answer every thing , you always want to know. If you are not satisfied take a second opinion .
Yes,it is possible. It is possible, but you should see a plastic surgeon for an examination to evaluate your specific anatomy and discuss your wishes.
Breast lift. If you are happy with your current size, but desire a better shape and lift, a breast lift is all that would be necessary. You should remain the same current size. An implant would increase the breast size further.

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Increasing pain? If the pain is bothering you enough to ask here, you should call your plastic surgeon. In general pain should get a little better each day. Most the time it is the result from the injury that surgery causes. Sometimes pain is the sign of a problem (bleeding, infection...). The best way to check, is to be seen by your surgeon. Good luck. :). Read more...
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