Am I wrong to enable my boyfriends gambling addiction so I can have alone time?

Gambling. It will be harder to slow his gambling when you do want to spend time with him. Enabling an addict seldom has any positives .
Love and addiction. When a person is addicted (to anything) anything else around his-her life has no value. There is no love when he is addicted to gambling. If you can get off his presence and rebuild a new life, do so before you waste too much of your life away a person who does not acknowledge your presence.
Compromise in life. You think of now. We professionals care for your immediate and long term future. Your weakness makes you not capable to break off from a gambler. Do not make compromise! better be alone than be with someone with whom you have no future. The personality of a gambler will pursue him in most all things he does in life, and you will not ever be his priority. Leave, and have a future.