Symptoms 5 yrs, abdominal pain, bloating, diarreah, constipation, fatigue, CT scan showed ileitis/enteritis. Bowel distented, is it Crohn's disease?

Could be. Could be. Get with your gastroenterologist and have him do colonoscopy, ilescopy , pill cam and enteroscopy if needed along with biopsies to make definitive diagnosis.
See below. You need to be evaluated by a gastroenterologist and may need upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, capsule camera study, evaluation for sprue, whipples disease etc.. Get checked out. Good luck.
Possible. Crohn's disease is possible, given your age and the chronic nature of the symptoms, but so are other causes of leitis/enteritis. Chrohn's dz can be diagnosed by a biopsy of the affected mucosa. Recommend finding a good gastroenterologist.
Could be Crohn's disease. Your age, symptoms and ct findings do point to the possibility of crohn's disease. Have you seen a gastroenterologist?

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Pale white hands and fave after eating with sharp diabling abdomen pain and nausea and burning and right arm and shoulder pain? Not normal Crohn's sign

Toxicity. Leaky gut due to crohn's and other inflammatory illness can cause symptom similar to your due to systemic toxicity go to http://www.Metagenics.Com and look for lifestyle medicine - clear change program it will help to eliminate some toxins for maintenance you can use ultrainflamx plus 360 which will help heal inflammatory intestinal issues. Read more...

Right side lower abdomen pain. I feel like throwing up and feel sweaty? What does Crohn's feel like?

See your doctor! Abdominal pain that doesn't go away is always a reason to see your doctor. Many problems can cause abdominal pain, so you may need tests to figure out the real cause. The appendix, the ovary if you're female, or the intestines could all be sources of the pain. If this doesn't get better on its own, call your doctor or go to an urgent care center or an er. Good luck! Read more...

I've severe Crohn's & short bowel syndrome. I'm on TPN but still have Bloating & vomiting daily. What do you think of taking genEssential digestion?

Ask your doctor. When you're on TPN due to short bowel syndrome, even small changes in dietary intake can be important. It is not clear whether trying this supplement would be useful, but I would not do it until you have first discussed it with the doctor who prescribes your TPN. Good luck. Read more...

Possible Crohn's. I am experiencing abdominal cramps on and off this this week, bloating, small amounts of bm, soft, foul smelling! Should I go ER?

Not emergency. Your symptoms don't warrant emergency room treatment unless you're experiencing severe abdominal pain or tenderness, fever, abdominal distension, vomiting,bloody stools, inability to eat or have a bm. It's better to call your physician or gastroenterologist for advice. Try avoiding harsh roughage, take metamucil for better stools,take simethicone to reduce gas. Heat to abdomen breaks down gas. Read more...