Alcoholic memory problems I also have endocrine problem. Could this be brain tumor?

I doubt. Anything is possible. However, I doubt that brain tumor is the case here. There are many factors that are related to memory problems-especially in the case of alcohol and endocrine problems (which one?) I think in your case-other causes such as vit B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism or hepatic encephalopathy related to alcohol - need to be checked as those could be the reason why you become forgetful.
Unlikely. Brain tumors can cause a vast areas of symptoms so one can never say never---but with alcoholic memory problems and endocrine issues, the best way to be helped is to start with your primary care physician.

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Can anxiety cause short term memory probs? Like where you put your keys, phone, ect? Worried about brain tumor! Memory problems = brain tumor?

Anxiety and memory. The simple answer is "yes". Anxiety interferes with concentration and focusing. It is very common to be a bit scattered when experiencing anxiety. Memory problems do not suggest you have a brain tumor. So, relax about your memory lapses.

I fear I might have a brain tumor. I have memory loss, confusion, excruciating headaches, loss of appetite, balance problems, etc. Thoughts? 16yo girl

Not so fast. .. You can perform at your best when properly nourished (not hungry), rested (no sleep deficit), well (checkup) and is familiar settings (not new).Common things are more likely to trigger the issues you report, rather than a rare condition. You need to meet with your doc and bring along a list. Write down a description of all your issues, how they started, etc so you don't forget any.