Think I have a UTI - symptoms are slight burning during urination, increased urination, burning and tingling sensation in vulva and clit - and cramps?

Seek help ! You have the classic symptoms . Get treated. A screening for sti may be indicated as well.
Urinary Tract Infect. Yes. You are correct. You have a uti. Now let your doctor know.
Please see your gyn. Today, c ould be uti, could be urethritis could be other vulvar problems , must r/o herpes if sexually active or other like external yeast your gyn will know what to do and the proper tests to run.

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Recently about a couple weeks ago I experienced a severe uti, and finally got over it after two weeks! I began my period the beginning of this month Sunday, and I've started to experience the uti symptoms again, burning during urination, frequently having

Urination. Please go to the nearest Emergency facility as soon as you can get someone to take you. You will be evaluated and hopefully given medication if you don't need to be admitted to hospital. Hospital unlikely but must be considered. Read more...
Sounds like. recurrent uti. Get to your doctor again for tests, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment. Read more...