Adhd help needed! Can't get through school without help. Ashamed to tell anyone?

You are unique. I agree with dr. Villar. There is no reason to be ashamed of being yourself. Each one of us is unique--we have our own strength profiles. Your value as a person is not dependent on you being like anyone else. What you want to achieve for yourself is what's important. Ask for help and be proud of yourself for getting involved and seeking to improve yourself. Your efforts will pay off.
Why. At what level of school are you? Are you being treated for it? Have you asked for academic support/tutoring/accommodations? Have you visited chadd. Org?
Do not be! Adhdis a common diagnosis, so are learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, and a cohort of other conditions that could cause you not to do your best in school. A thorough evaluation is necessary, as is a careful examination. Call your md, request an appnt with a professional well versed in these disorders, do not succomb to sahame, despair or fad diets, pills or unproven interventions. Good luck.
Get help. Do not be ashamed. ADHD is a medical condition. There is no moral issue. Speak to your physician for a referral to a neurologist or psychiatrist who can began an appropriate evaluation and institute treatment. If you do not take the step, you are short changing yourself.
Find the real cause. Adhd is a subjective psychiatric label. It does not address the real underlying cause of the symptoms. Find a doctor who will work to find the real cause and treat it so you can have success in school without psychiatric drugs or psychiatric labels.