I have small airway disease, not asthma, which means I have problems getting air out of my lungs. Is this restrictive or obstructive? The doctor didn't put me on any treatment.

Need more info. It sounds like you may have a combination of some of both, but would need your entire medical record and to examine you before commenting. If dissatisfied with the explanation they gave you, consider a second opinion. Good luck.
Try another Dr. You are right to be wanting more in terms of treatment for this issue. Find a doctor with experience in this since early tx can prevent permanent damage. Don't be scared - be assertive - your instincts are good and can help you get help. All the best for a healthy outcome.
Airway disease. The best way is to bring this question to your doctor. If you don't have problem breathing, or activity limitation due to breathing problems, you might not need to be on any medications now. By saying small airway disease, we usually refer to the fef25-75 value. However, the diagnosing of airway disease is not only based on a spirometry. It also based on your clinical symptoms and risk factors.