Aching neck, pains in the jaw and lumps on cheeks--grinding?

Dentist. Should see a dentist and possibly get to source of the grinding or have a custom mouthpiece constructed. If the teeth are worn down, this will change your bite, which in turn can cause muscle and TMJ problems.
See you dentist. This could be early signs of TMJ which is the joint between your jaw and your skull, or just grinding which you may need to use a mouth gaurd.
Lumps? I would worry about the "lumps" first. TMJ-orofacial pain problems usually not not have lumps, bumps or swelling unless enlarged jaw muscles from bruxism. See ENT doc to make sure no other pathology. If ENT exan negative, See TMJ-orofacial pain doc for evaluation/treatment.
MFP. Myofascial pain syndrome, is a regional muscle disorder that is a common cause of headaches and persistent pain in the face, TMJ and neck. Mfp is characterized by the presence of one or more sites within the muscle known as myofascial trigger points. Treatment: physical medicine, trp injections, pharmacotherapy, and behavioral modification (cbt) rec, see orofacial pain specialist.

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Lump by left side under jawline and where jaw meets the neck. I feel it everytime I turn my head left. I'm not sick, no fever. Just cold sore on lip?

Reactive node. Commonly lymph nodes will swell when there is an infection. If it doesnt resolve, be sure to get it checked out. Its of more concern if firm and nontender. Read more...

Have a lump on back side of head and one more at the base of my neck. They are a little red and tender to the touch. Making neck sore also.

Seek evaluation. Any neck soreness from a "lump" needs an evaluation. The timing of the evaluation is based on the speed at which the symptoms are developing. If the symptoms are new and progressing over a day or two, or if there is a fever or stiffness in the neck, please seek care asap. If the progression is slower, you can consider a primary care provider or pharmacy based nurse practitioner evaluation. Read more...

I bumped my head on a metal pole no lump or bruise kinda sore where I hit but now my neck is a little sore should I be concerned?

Get checked! Normally this would not be a concern unless you got knocked out or had symptoms like increasing headache or vomiting. However, since you are on Xarelto, this increases your risk of internal bleeding with even minor trauma. See a doctor ASAP to be sure you don't have any bleeding inside the head. Good luck! Read more...

Hi, iv found a large lump on the right side of  my head /neck area, and sore neck left side, I had my thyriod removed 1yr ago is it connected?  

Not likely. Description is fairly vague, but probably not related to thyroidectomy. Sounds like possibly an infected cyst/abscess. This could cause some local lymph node swelling and soreness. Have evaluated in person to verify diagnosis and determine best way to treat. Read more...