Impacted wisdom teeth, but no problem according to dentist. What to expect?

Your age?? My understanding is that the xray finding of impacted wisdom teeth is just that, an xray finding. Some go thru life with those teeth close but never symptomatic. I still have mine. Removal is quite an affair in the best of hands & the dental surgeons I know want kids to be finished growing & symptomatic enough (pain, headaches etc.) to alter their lifestyle before they extract them.
Could be ok... Having wisdom teeth doesn't mean you will have problems. Where and how the teeth are situated can give you higher or lower risk of problems later on. I suggest asking you dentist for possible outcomes.

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Could general dentist remove impacted wisdom teeth?

Yes. Many general dentists remove wisdom teeth for their patients in their offices, and do a good job. There are obviously alot of general dentists who do not perform any extractions and refer all of their extractions and wisdom teeth patients to oral and maxillofacial surgeons who may be able to provide more options for sedation or general anesthesia.
That depends. That depends on how experienced the general dentist is and how difficult your wisdom teeth will be. A qualified general dentist can perform simple wisdom tooth extractions with no problem. Impacted and/or infected wisdom teeth should be extracted by an oral surgeon to minimize the chance of complications, as they have more extensive training.
Yes, but. Yes, but why wouldn't you want to see someone with much more experience? For best results, see a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon for exam/recommendations/treatment.

Is it a possible for impacted wisdom teeth to move within a month? I saw the dentist about a month ago. No cavities. Extreme Pain in lower 2nd molar.

Wisdom Tooth Pain. Wisdom teeth grow from early teens until adulthood. The tissue around and more so above them can become inflamed or infected very easily and it feels like the tooth is "moving". Usually the best treatment for the third molars is to remove them to improve overall oral health.
Correct. Dr. Becker is correct. Call your Dentist to recommend an Oral Surgeon.

Please tell me, are impacted wisdom teeth a modern problem?

No. Impacted wisdom teeth have been a problem for many years. With more sophisticated imaging equipment we are able to diagnose problems with more accuracy and information.
Not prehistoric. Stone age man did not have wisdom tooth problem as jaws were larger and diet caused severe wear of teeth. Over hundreds of thousands of years our jaws have gotten smaller and our diet more refined so room for wisdom teeth now problematic.

Could impacted wisdom teeth lead to death?

Only if. They become infected and the infection travels to other parts of the body and becomes life threatening. The chances of that occurring, even though theoretically possible, is minute. That is not to say that if you have impacted wisdom teeth that require removal, you should not follow your dentist's recommendations. There are other risks of not removing them.
Absolutely. Abscess due to the wisdom tooth infection if not treated, is a serious medical condition and can eventually kill. The death from tooth abscess is not rare. Boston study (2008) found that 66 patients died due to dental abscess.
Yes, but. Infected wisdom teeth can lead to lethal infections. Under very rare circumstances, death has occurred DURING wisdom tooth extraction. For best results, see an oral surgeon for evaluation/recommendations.