Can parents get rsv? My infant has it, am breastfeeding, and I now have worst cold ever. Coincidence or infected too? If so what are my trt options?

Rsv. You probably caught the virus from your child. Steam and nasal nose drops may help, but tincture of time us a great healer.
Infected. You can get rsv. In people over the age of 2, RSV causes a nasty cold, and you would treat it just like any cold. Under the age of two, it can affect the lungs and cause wheezing and fast breathing. This is called bronchiolitis, which is generally a self limited illness.
Yes. RSV is contagious and it is possible to become infected even as an adult. RSV symptoms vary and do not necessarily lead to pneumonia or bronchiolitis. Hand washing and cleaning surfaces is preventative.
Yes. Rsv is responsible for 70% of the upper respiratory infections during its peak season. In adults it is the cause of the common cold and symptoms can vary from a scratchy throat to heavy chest cold. Most have RSV off and on through life as the germ never seems to give you immunity because of its ability to avoid triggering the full immune system response. Rest and supportive care are the best therapy.
Yes. Symptoms are very similar to "cold." adults generally do not develop wheezing as infants do.