Have had 4 rounds of antib for diverticulitis shld I have reconnect surgery btw I am unfortunately an alchoholic which I'm trying to work on btw im 53?

Follow up with GI. Have you had a colonoscopy in between these episodes? If not you must as it could be missing a abnormality . Alcoholism has more to do with recurrent pancreatitis rather than diverticulitis. Talk to you gastroenterologist.
Diverticulitis. Give the fact you have had multiple episodes of diverticulitis you are at > 50% chance of repeated attacks. Surgery can reduce this risk but must be weighed against your medical problems. Ideally you will get the drinking under control which will reduce your surgical (and overall medical) risk. Consider a consultation with a colorectal surgeon to discuss. .
It is your call. Research has shown that the horrible case of freely perforated diverticulitis requiring emergency surgery usually occurs with the first episode. Also it is important to distinguish between recurrent diverticulitis or smoldering diverticulitis as the latter is more likely to require surgery to "cure". See a specialty surgeon and discuss risks vs complications and make an informed decision.