What does medial collateral ligament proximally are thickened. Where is that in your knee?

The inside. Where you knees touch when you put them togetherit keeps your knee from opening toward the inside.
Inside of knee. That is the stabilizing tissue for the inside of your knee. If you rub hard on the inside of your knee, you will feel a rounded area then a space and then bone again. It may take you a bit to figure it out. Start at the top of your knee cap and come around the knee to the middle then bend the knee so you can find the exact joint area. You will find the approximate area.

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What does knee therapy for medial collateral ligament damage in my knee entail?

Muscle Strengthening. Typically, it involves strengthening the muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings. These muscles act as secondary stabilizers and with strengthening they can help unload the knee, stabilize it and allow the medial collateral ligament to continue to heal. Read more...

What does chondrocalcinosis mean? Where are the medial collateral ligament fibers in the knee? What does it mean there is an abnormal focal region acl

Read below. Chondrocalcinosis is abnormal deposits of calcium typically at the meniscus. The medial collateral ligaments (mcl) fibers are on the inside part of the knee. An abnormal focal region of the acl means that the acl has degenerated a bit. This can happen with age (unfortunately) or it can happen after an injury. Read more...