Can a pectus deformity be corrected?

Pectum chest contour. Pectum deformities can be minor and only have aesthetic concerns like a bulge or a concavity vs those with a significant functional element as well.The latter ones are corrected by essentially cutting out the depressed area in the pectum excavatum cases and expanding the chest. While the aesthetic cases can be dealt with by what i call camouflage procedures. Consult with your local plastic surgeon.
Yes. Both pectus carinatum (pigeon chest) an pectus excavatum (funnel chest) can be corrected. Historically both were corrected by surgery but recently carinatum is treated where appropriate with a brace.
Yes. A severe pectus disorder with subsequent impaired breathing can be operatively repaired usually when pts are in late teens to mid 30s. A subsequent program of rehab is necessary to accustom the redesigned chest to operate properly.