What do scabie bites look like?

Small raised bites. Scabies are not visible to the naked eye. The individual lesions are smaller raised marks. The distribution is important between fingers, wrist ankles on the penis, armpits, waistbnand, nipples. Itching is worst at night. It is easily treatable but everyone in household should be treated even if not itching.
Scabies Photograph. Here is a good photograph of a rash due to scabies bites: http://www.Bing.Com/images/search?Q=scabies+rash&qs=im&form=qbir&pq=scabies+&sc=8-8&sp=2&sk=im1#view=detail&id=8586cf7bc65db870c0f06a49cf2b58c3c6f5ba1d&selectedindex=8.