Agitated sad depressed hot tempered shaky nausea day 2 on lovan (prozac) I hate life?

Depression Prozac (fluoxetine) These are uncomfortable symptoms. It is possible that you had these symptoms before starting prozac, (fluoxetine) and symptoms became intense after starting prozac, (fluoxetine) please see your psychiatrist soon, discuss treatment modalities for your depression. Depression is treatable with good results. Care for your life!
Tell doctor NOW. Please tell your doctor today about your response so far to the prozac (fluoxetine). Nausea and agitation are not uncommon side effects, especially early in your course. They could dissipate with time. I'm more concerned about more depressed, shaky, and "i hate life." please call your doctor today.

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Day 2 on Prozac (fluoxetine) feeling really depressed. Nausea, frequent use of toilet, lethargic, tired, no motivation, low, sad.

Prozac (fluoxetine) Too early to see full benefits. If affecting your stomach, try taking it on full stomach & later in the day. Inform your doctor of your progress. Read more...
Initial worsening. Its not uncommon to have some initial worsening beginning antidepressant and some GI side effects. This should improve after 2 weeks. If it doesn't contact your prescriber. Also tell them if you get suicidal. Read more...