I pull out the hair from my eyelashes and eyebrows and nibble it, it has got to a chronic stage. Have been to doc no help. Any advice? Thanks

Keep researching! Chronic hair pulling - trichotillomania- is a body-focused repetitive behavior (bfrb). "trich" can arise in response to (a) emotions - anxiety, fear, boredom, excitement; &/or (b) detecting some roughness/imperfection of hair/skin. Hair pulling can feel pleasurable & can serve to relieve tension. There are effective treatments. Learn about trich @ trich. Org & find expert help. Eating hair= "pica.".
? Anxiety. These behaviors can be related to anxiety and other psychiatric disease. Go see a psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation.
Psychologic help. This is a problem mostly in young women called trichotillomania. Hairs anywhere can be targets but for some reason the eyebrows and eyelashes are the most common - probably because they are so available. This is something for behavior therapy - you probably would benefit from referral to such a counselor. It is not a medical issue and does not respond to medication or surgery.