I'm having trouble breathing like I can't get enought oxegyn. And shortness in breath my mom says its my anibiotics. But im wondering if its asthma?

See a doctor. Shortness of breath needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Asthma can certainly cause shortness of breath, and it can worsen quickly. If it is severe or it raises your concern, get seen at your local emergency department now. Antibiotics do not cause shortness of breath unless you are allergic to it.
Possibly... Shortness of breath can be a life-threatening problem so this symptom always needs to be evaluated by a doctor. If it is severe or worsening, go to the er. There are many causes of this symptom and allergy to antibiotic is just one possibility. A doctor will be able to determine the cause and treat you. You need to be seen asap!
Shortness of breath. Shortness of breath you describe needs to be evaluated by your physician it may be bronchial asthma which needs to be treated properly and you may need anti inflamatory inhalers and bronchdilaters.Antibiotics do not cause shortness of breath.See your doctor to find out if it is asthma or some thing elseyou need physical exam and if indicated pulmonary function tests.