Can having anxiety cause ectopic heart beat?

Yes. Specially anxiety/ panic attacks with normal heart. See your physician for a good history and physical exam and to r/o other heart and non heart conditions.

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48 HR heart monitor results "infrequent ectopy with no atrial ectopics and 0.1% of heart beat being ectopic" please explain in laymans terms?

Few extra beats. Ectopy means essentially "extra beats" usually coming earlier than expected in your normal heart rhythm cycle. Atrial ectopics come from the upper part of the heart and are often benign. Ventricular ectopics come from the lower chamber of the heart. A frequency of 0.1% is very low. Continue to monitor with your doctor! Read more...

I am constantly aware of my heart beat. It's not necessarily fast, but I can always feel it in my chest. I have severe anxiety. Could this cause it?

Yes. Normal events can preoccupy us when we have high anxiety. If you have the patience for non-prescription treatment of anxiety you are an excellent candidate for stress reduction techniques, most notably meditation and/or yoga. Read more...