Broke scaphoid. Diagnosed 8mth later. Failed bone graft. Avascular necrosis. Do not want fusion. Apart frm arthritis is there anything to worry about?

Scaphoid fracture . Post traumatic avascular necrosis of scaphoid if untreated will lead to collapse of scaphoid with resultant distorted anatomy ( architecture of carpal bones ) . This will lead to degeneration and progression of degenerative arthritis in the wrist with pain and restricted mobility.
Wrist instability. Any time your normal anatomy is altered there is a risk of instability of the joint, increase laxity of ligaments.

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Can nicotine cause avascular necrosis as it constricts blood vessels? I know it stopped my recent bone graft in a spinal fusion from growing properly.

Yes,excellent questn. You are very perceptive. There is a tremendous concern that smoking could cause this although more common causes include the use of steroids, traumatic injury and excessive alcohol. . Read more...
Maybe. Smoking is well-known to impair new blood vessel growth into areas of bone fusion and prevent good healing. There are thousands of chemicals in smoke. Nicotine alone has been well studied and tends to show poor bone formation and mineralization. So using nicotine as a supplement instead of smoking still is a risk for your spinal fusion. You have one spine -- take good care! Good Luck! Read more...