How can I avoid itching the weeping wound: (im on clox for staph and candida, how do stop the weeping?

Weeping wound. You need a proper bandage to adsorb the weeping from the wounds. While you find a wound center or a clinician familiar with wounds, put a simple bandage or dressing on the wound. There may be something else to help the weeping, like compression if the wound is on the leg, that could help but this needs to be determined in person.
Itching/weeping rash. Assuming the antibiotic is appropriate for the problem, you can used topical calamine lotion for the itching.The weeping ought to decreases as the problem subsides. Use soft gauze and gentle wrapping of the affected area to control weeping. Cloxacillin is not effective against fungal infection, so if the rash persists, a visit to dermatologist may be in order.
Weeping wound. You can stop the weeping by covering it up. The best cover would be a vaseline gauze right on top of the surface of the wound with 2-3 sterile gauze squares piled loosely on top to soak up any fluid that gets through the vaseline cause. Then cover the whole bandage with either tape or an ace wrap. Change the dressing every 24-72 hours depending on how much drainage accumulates.