I'm about 2 weeks pregnant and having really bad stomach pains, is this normal?

No. "really bad stomach pains" are never normal. It is normal to have some cramping in early pregnancy, but it shouldn't cause severe pain. Get checked out.
It depends. If you are not having vaginal bleeding with these stomach pains the pregnancy is probably not in jeopardy. Some patients cannot differentiate stomach pains from uterine cramping. If you have no underlying stomach-related illnesses, this is probably normal. If on the other hand you have stomach ailments you need to see your family doctor.

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I'm having bad stomach pains consistently. I'm not pregant. What else could be causing it?

2 Many Possibilities. While we all want to be helpful on this service, can't even begin to give you an answer without many more details. If it continues or gets worse, best thing to do is have a doctor or other qualified health professional take a look at you. Stomach pains and other abdominal pains can be tricky to diagnose over phone/internet. Read more...