I have problems with shortness of breath even with small task as walking up 1 flight of stairs. I'm 35 and my heart is ok. I have acid reflux. Help! :)?

Need more info. Your physical characteristics may play a role. Some questions you need to consider are the situations when this occurs. Is this whenever you are moving, or intermittent? Is it at certain times, like right after a full moon? It sounds like you have seen a doctor since you had a cardiac work up and know you have reflux. You could be anemic, but unlikely for a werewolf. More history please.

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I'm a 44 year old woman and I have been experiencing shortness of breath, racing heart and shortness of breath when I walk up the stairs.

Many reasons. Please see your doctor. If for example you are on birth control pills, then pulmonary embolism is of concern. Asthma and emphysema can be a cause and if you smoke make if worse. And that is just to start. So please visit your family physician to get to the bottom of this. Read more...

Ever since I had a coronary heart vessel stent put in Feb '14 I have had notable shortness of breath when walking, going up stairs, singing. Related??

Contact Cardiologist. You need an evaluation by your Cardiologist sooner than later. Make an appointment today. If symptoms are increasing in intensity go to the nearest ER. It may be as simple as a medication adjustment. It may be as serious as a stent thrombosis or other complications. I noticed that you did not mention any antiplatelet medications or other heart medications. Go to Doctor today! Read more...