I use androderm (testosterone) and work 6pm to 5am, what time should I apply the patch?

Whenever you wake up. Your body's clock will be somewhat offset because of the hours you work. I would suggest you place it about an hour after you wake up to best mimic the normal rhythm of secretion. It would be best to coordinate this with the physician who is treating you so that follow up testing can be coordinated. Sorry it took awhile to get to you. Good luck!
Depends. There is not really a clear cut answer in the prescribing instructions. You should get fairly steady state levels within a few weeks so it may not matter. It also depends when you shower. Normal dosing is nightly. I would work with your doctors but if you were my patient probably start before you go to bed and apply the same time every day. Hope this helps.
Androderm (testosterone) TRT. The Androderm (testosterone) patch is generally applied at night time before going to bed. In your case, i would apply it just before leaving for work in the evening.