In january 2008 I began having disabling, severe, constant pain in my gut. The pain keeps me awake and has not let up since beginning. All tests were?

Abdominal pain. In order to provide a helpful answer, i would need to know your age, gender, and where in the abdomen you experience your pain (middle, right upper, right lower, left upper, left lower, or right above the bladder). Persistent pain that keeps you up at night certainly needs more evaluation, possibly laparoscopy, even if all blood tests and xrays are negative.
Nutrition. . I hope that you have found some help by now. If not, i recommend seeing a gastroenterologist (gi doctor) who specializes in problems like irritable bowel. There is no way to know what would cause your symptoms without a thorough understanding of your history, and a complete exam to guide testing. I also recommend paying close attention to your diet. This will help with identifying your issue.
More Information. Where is the pain? What is its character? What tests have been done and what are their findings? Any additional symptoms besides pain, such as constipation, diarrhea, bleeding, etc.?
Will need more info. this can be due to a huge number of things and you will need to provide a lot more detail to narrow down the possibilities as to the potential causes of your problem.