Was having 2 fibroids (5*5-submucos&intramurai) miscarried b4 at 23 wks. Aftr myomectomy now again pregnant 12wks. Wht wer the reasons of my miscrge? Fibroid?

Fibroids. If you miscarried at 23 weeks, you may have had other reasons for the loss that need to be evaluated. Unless the placenta implanted directly over these fibroids, they may not have been the cause. If you had a myomectomy and are now pregnant beyond 12 weeks, you may be okay but should be followed closely for other causes of 2nd trimester loss.

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I miscarried b4 at my 22nd wk due to fibroids. Then under went myomectomy. Now again pregnant 12 weeks. What are the things I should care in this pregnancy?

Not to . Worry you but the early delivery may not have been due to fibroids. In the us we use ultrasound to examine the length of the cervix. If short (<2.5 cm) then you may have "incompetent cervix". Also using supplemental Progesterone in those with your history has demonstrated usefulness. Good luck. Read more...