Is it the norm after 61/2 weeks after eyelid surgery for it to still be somewhat tender to the touch?

Yes. Healing will continue for months after surgery. You will notice that the incisions are red as you are in the red phase of wound healing due to the capillaries forming in the scar. As healing progresses and collagen is laid down, the vessles will be absorbed and the incision wil be almost imperceptible.
Not unusual. 6 weeks is still very early in the healing process. Mild swelling and inflammation are associated with tenderness to touch. Generally this should subside within the next 6 weeks and certainly completely between 3 - 6 months after surgery unless the scar is becoming hypertrophic.
Its Possible. Usually you are back to normal after 6 weeks, but it may take longer. Perhaps there are some other issues going on. You should have an examination.
Yes that is normal. Although most swelling and tenderness should be gone within a couple of weeks, some tenderness can continue for a month or two. As long as you are improving and your eyes are comfortable and your vision is stable, i wouldn't be too concerned.
Not really. Eyelids usually heal pretty quickly - although you didn't specify the type of surgery you had or how extensive it was. Call your surgeon and relay your concerns to him or her.