Nerve damage prior to s1-l4, alif. Sciatic pain replaced by nerve pain in feet, esp big toe. Is this permanent or from surgery? How long to recover?

Talk to surgeon. Need a diagnosis for new l 5 sympts after alif was this augmented with posterior instrumentation or stand alone alif if posterior instrumentaion used need ct scan to check screw postion could be disc pushed back into foramen or traction from distraction on a scarred nerve root some of these are correctsble some are not need a daignosis for new pain after surgery before prognosis can bediscerned.
Nerve. You need to see your surgeon for help with this as the problem stems from elsewhere in the body and not the toe or foot.

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I have disuse atrophy in my right leg, and foot, due to nerve damage in l4/l5 s1.Had a failed back surgery 02'13. Will I lose ability to walk one day?

Varies. It could potentially still improve. If you have not had it, I would recommend an NCV and EMG test just to make sure there is nothing else contributing to your condition that may be treatable; for example peroneal nerve impingement at the fibular head. Read more...

If I still have nerve pain and numbness in my foot along the s1 nerve 2 years post surgery, am I likely stuck with it? Can the nerve still regenerate

Perhaps some. If it is 2 years since the injury and points to a more permanent condition. There might be at least some small improvement. Nerves can regenerate to some extent but that is a very slow process. I am not sure what was done, but treatment for such conditions at this point are primarily supportive. There are varying degrees of nerve injury and they all evolve around the extent of injury. Read more...